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CSR Autos provide a car servicing service to clients across Rutherglen and Glasgow.

Car Servicing Garage Glasgow

Unlike an MOT, car servicing isn’t compulsory and you can run your car for as long as you like without having one.  But there are clear benefits to having your car serviced that mean it is well worth considering having it done.

Car servicing involves checking the parts that wear down over time.  These are things such as the brake pads and the oil levels as well as parts that tend to last longer such as fuel filters.  Each manufacturer can offer guidance about what parts should be looked at during a service and different garages usually offer different levels of cover.

Car servicing in Glasgow doesn’t need to be a complicated process.  Here at CSR Autos, we offer a range of service levels that means you can have as much or as little work done as you require.  Our basic level includes checking the most easily damaged or worn down parts and is ideal for low maintenance cars or for a 6 monthly check for high mileage drivers.  We also offer a mid-level service that covers a large amount of checks and a major service that covers areas such as spark plugs and other key systems.

By offering different levels of servicing, you can choose the right level for your car usage and your budget.  Most modern cars have a mileage clock on them that tells the driver when a service is due then what level you pick from there is entirely up to you.

Please contact CSR Autos to discuss your requirements.

We help clients across Glasgow particularly our immediate area, including:

Bridgeton, Burnside, Cambuslang, Castlemilk, Cathcart, Dalmarnock, Gorbals, Govanhill, King's Park, Rutherglen



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